Product Description
Pedal floating in the air...
Roller with a floating-system that aids balance during training.
Winner of Eurobike Gold Award in 2016."A great item of training equipment: this durable and well-made design with its outstanding freely rotating rollers folds away into an extremely space-saving format. And what’s more, its low-noise operation is easy on the nerves"(Eurobike Gold Award 2016)


The floating system makes it simpler to approach rollers as it absorbs any sudden movement, which are typical when first starting out.So in a few minutes anyone can train on this type of home trainer.

The floating system also makes standing up on your bike while cycling much safer.It absorbs quick movements, typical when standing up (and gradually returns them).


QUICK-MOTION can quickly and easily be folded in three sections with one simple movement, so it reduces clutter by 50% when not in use.When folded, it's easy to transport via its integrated ergonomic handle on the frame and its locking system.


QUICK-MOTION lets you plan many different types of training sessions.The roller features an innovative magnetic resistance unit which enables you to simulate both plain terrain or slopes.You can select 3 different resistance levels via its practical controller on the frame of the roller and combined with the gear shifter on your bike you can conduct many different types of training sessions.


By using the Misuro B+ sensor your Quick-Motion becomes compatible with ELITE's My E-Training (1-month free subscription).This manages the training session by monitoring power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.Moreover, it makes it compatible with other indoor cycling platforms (which usually require paid subscription), among which: Kinomap.This is how you can range from traditional training sessions to a more complete experience where training, gaming and social combine into one solution.


-Realistic floating-system rollers aid balance during training.
-3-level integrated magnetic resistance.
-Folds in 3 parts for reduced clutter
-Integrated handle for easier transport
-Parabolic rollers
-Adjustable based on the bicycle's wheelbase
-Compatible with the Misuro B+
-Allows users to pedal out of the saddle
$ 499.99