About Us


For 75 years Todson has been a fixture of the bicycling industry in the United States.  Representing some of the world's most storied cycling brands over the decades, Todson has built an unrivaled level of expertise in the cycling and sporting goods industry.  As a full-service organization offering distributors, retailers and consumers a complete range of products and services, Todson is uniquely positioned in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.  With skills across importing, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, branding, marketing, sales and customer service support, we have a wide array of offerings and strive to be a one-stop-shop to our partners.  Our forward-thinking approach is backed with same old world values of honesty, fairness, value and service that have fashioned the Todrys’ family business model from the very start. 

A bit about the Todson story:

Founded in 1946 by Austrian immigrant Otto Todrys, Todrys and Son began as an automobile tire distributor. Otto had been in the European bicycle business before World War II and left to seek new fortunes on American shores. The post-War boom times enjoyed an explosion in automobile sales and Otto differentiated his company by treating people fairly and honestly and by providing products of genuine value, a theme that continues throughout the company’s development. Otto’s old world business ethics and American forward-thinking proved an unbeatable combination and the fledgling Todrys and Son flourished.

During the 1950′s and 60′s, Otto’s son, Alfred, stepped forward to lead the company. With new prosperity and time for leisure, America was discovering recreation. The bicycle market was growing and Alfred seized the opportunity by repositioning Todrys and Son as a distributor of iconic cycling brands like Zéfal, Huret, Sachs, and Sedis. Shortening the company name to Todson, Alfred continued the focus on exemplary service and quality products and grew the company to meet the needs of an expanding market.

During the 1980′s and 90′s, Todson’s 3rd generation took the helm. Otto’s grandson, Neal Todrys, continued to consolidate the company’s presence in the cycling market with the addition of the Spécialités TA, Fir, and Colnago among other premium brands. During this time, Neal tapped into the industry’s continuing evolution by becoming the Topeak brand’s very first distributor. The forward-thinking nature of Todson’s capabilities really began to become apparent during this timeframe, as a greater emphasis was placed on brand-building, logistics, distribution channels, and sales development.

Today, Todson continues as a leader in the bicycle business. Beyond the traditional parts and accessories distribution model, Todson has developed a well-rounded set of competencies that extend into other facets of the cycling and sporting goods arenas. A full-service organization offering distributors, retailers and consumers a complete range of products and services, including importing, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, branding, marketing, sales and support, Todson remains steadfastly committed to the same ideals of service and quality upon which the company was founded. A long-term view, flexibility, and the stability born of 6 decades worth of business provides Todson with the strength, resiliency and skills to continue its progression in a constantly-changing marketplace.