Ratchet Stick

Product Description

A compact, easy to use and carry ratchet wrench with built-in compartment letting you store five of your most commonly used bits. The separate bit storage pen features a visible window to find the correct bit quickly, while the 4 / 5mm Allen bits with 30mm length makes it easy to reach tough bolt locations.


TOOLS: 2 / 3 / 6 mm Allen bits4 / 5 mm Allen bits (30 mm bit length)T10 / T15 / T20 / T25 Torx® bits#2 Phillips screw driver bit

BITS MATERIAL: S2 hardened steel

RATCHET MATERIAL: Hardened steel

BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum / Engineering grade polymer

ADDED FEATURES: Ratchet tool, bit screwdriver, Ratchet wrench integrated compartment for five bits, and 5 bit storage pen

SIZE: 14.2 x ø 1.85 cm / 5.6” x 0.73” (Ratchet tool)

WEIGHT: 150 g / 5.29 oz (Ratchet tool w/ storage pen)

$ 57.95