Backloader 15L, Black

Product Description

Listen up... adventure is calling. Pack up your gear, get on your bike, and ride that epic trail or mountain road. BackLoader is a large capacity seat bag specifically designed for bikepackers wanting a streamlined way to carry gear without the need for a rear rack. Constructed of lightweight, highly water resistant and durable materials, it mounts and removes quickly. The upgraded saddle mount system, in conjunction with compression straps, greatly reduces the swaying associated with heavier rear payloads, providing a comfortable ride for those long days in the saddle. An easy access waterproof inner bag is included to keep contents completely dry.

CAPACITY: 15L / 915 ci

MATERIAL: Polyethylene / nylon Lightweight, durable, water repellent and stain resistant

BAG ATTACHMENT: Hook and loop fastener

WATERPROOF RATING: 10,000 mm (waterproof inner bag)

MAX LOAD CAPACITY: 5 kg / 11 lb

ADDED FEATURE: Waterproof inner bag, Safety light clipAir release button

SIZE: 67 (max) x 28 x 18 cm / 26.4” x 11” x 7.1”

WEIGHT: 565 g / 19.93 oz

$ 114.95